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There is a moment in life when everything seems to have turned dark.

Everything has lost its colours, only a hollow shell is left.

Will you find who you are?

Switch The Light is a short psychological 3D adventure realised as a project for my programming module. It features a fully functioning custom editor, that allows designers to easily create a system of complex interactions between in-game objects and the player without writing a single line of code!

The project has also been used as a chance to learn shaders development and integrate them with the code to create evocative visual effects.

The project is a prototype for a bigger and wider game, that I might decide to develop in the future.

The chosen design for Switch The Light was to create a custom system that would track the player’s
decisions and change the game environment and narrative accordingly. Along with this, the system
was to have a custom editor visible within Unity featuring an accessible UI and intuitive to use even
for someone who is not familiar with coding.
Switch The Light was also designed to be a psychological 3D adventure, thus the game had to
contain different VFX that would appeal to the player as well as have a deep meaning coherent with the narrative. 

Install instructions

Please download the file attached (there are no viruses, I promise!) and unzip the folder, then press on the executable and enjoy the game!

The commands are as following:
• WASD to move the character
• E to interact with objects
• Move the mouse to move the camera.


BuildSTL_Windows.zip 81 MB


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Decent game. 4/5

Thank you so much for having played it! :3